DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Oftentimes, the kitchen is called the heart of a house. However, who likes to spend time in a room with boring cabinets?  

Sometimes, it is recommended that you should spend a bit of additional cash and hire a professional cabinet painting Marietta, GA company to paint your cabinets if you are having your kitchen redone.  

However, perhaps it is not possible if you are trying to save cash on the final touches of your house.  

Here are several common mistakes that you should avoid if you are going to try to do DIY kitchen cabinet painting

Not Sanding the Wood 

You have to ensure that you have sanded the wood down before you even start thinking about getting your paintbrush.  

If you do not have the right tools to do it, you should ask your neighbors and friends to borrow theirs. You should not ignore this step. 

Forgetting to Clean the Cabinets Thoroughly 

It is time for you to start cleaning your cabinet once you pulled them apart. You will need a sponge, hot water, and grease-cutting dish soap.  

You can dry off your cabinets using a dishcloth after you clean them thoroughly. Repeat the process if they do not look clean. Dust, grease, and dirt will cut through the paint. This will make the paint not stick. 

Not Labeling the Cabinets 

You have to ensure you label clearly each part of the cabinet whenever you start taking them apart. Wood to hinges should be labeled clearly and laid out. This will help you remember which component goes where.  

This is extremely crucial and will save you a lot of time trying to look for the right pieces after you have finished painting and drying the cabinets. You should not depend alone on memory. 

Not Taking Apart the Cabinets 

You should always take your cabinets apart before you start painting them. This procedure has to be precise and methodical. You might end up breaking your cabinets if you use the wrong screwdriver to take them apart.  

You might be enticed to paint your cabinet without taking them apart. However, if you do this, it will result in an amateur appearance and an uneven job.  

Misjudging How Long it would take 

You have to consider how long it will take to paint all of your cabinets. This is particularly true if it is your first time doing it. You can be looking at several days of work for a single cabinet, from sanding to a final coat.  

If you rush the job, you might end up with a cabinet that is poorly painted. This will be ugly to look at and will lower the value of your property.  

To finish the job, you should give yourself as much time as needed.  

Do Not Misjudge Your Skills 

You might first have to practice on old pieces of wood if you are taking on this DIY project. Keep in mind that your kitchen cabinet will be looked at by your guests for a lot of years to come.  

Kitchen Cupboards and Cabinets Painting Mistakes

It is normal for many house parents and owners that they become too picky when it comes to the design and the style of their house and kitchen at home. In this way, they could give a new life and new structure to the house and the ambiance would be a bit different from what you used to have before. Of course, aside from that others would think about the smaller portions or parts of the house like the cabinets in the kitchen and even the cupboards or drawers there. You could have the idea of having a good way to cabinet painting Alpharetta, GA in this manner, you could save money instead of replacing them with a new one.  

But we need to be very careful when we are painting the cabinets or even the walls of the house as sometimes, we are creating more problems and troubles there. We tend to use the different kinds of paints which could not be suitable to the surface of the cupboard or we don’t know the right stroke in painting it. If you can make it better then you don’t need to worry as you would have a good-looking cabinet in a few hours except if you did something wrong there. It would look simple and easy but the reality of painting the cabinets could be a lot of trouble and confusion especially if you are not used to doing this.  

Here are some of the mistakes that we usually do and have when we are trying to paint things at home like the kitchen cabinet or even the home tables.  


This could be the hardest one to achieve as sometimes we are checking pictures or blogs of other people on the internet and we are thinking of the same result. You need to avoid too much expectations from what can see from the magazines or online as they might have a good way of doing it than yours.  


When you are doing something, you have to make sure that you will spend your available time for it and you can add some extensions to avoid some mistakes there.  


This is one of the common mistakes that everyone is doing when they are planning to paint the surface as they don’t clean it first before putting the paint here.  


We tend to clean it but we forgot about sanding as it would give a smoother surface to the wood especially when you are planning to paint the whole surface.  


There are people who would jump to painting it with the paint instead of applying the primer first as it would give the best way to stick the paint longer 


When you are choosing for the color, you have to make sure that it will match the theme of your kitchen or of the place to avoid r